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Jeez. That book. That weird, metafictional, supremely personal, absurdly titled little book about a heartbroken librarian and an ape with a gun. It just keeps on going.

We heard this week that - in one form or another - Six-Gun Gorilla pops up three times in the final ballot of the Harveys: the awards nominated and selected solely by professionals working in the comics industry.  Notably:

1. Best New Series

2. Best Artist 

3. Best newcomer 

I’m not going to ask you to go vote for us (for Jeff, really) because that’s not remotely cool, but I am going to make a big song and dance about how abso-fucking-lutely delighted we are that our genre-busting headsploding weird-western efforts have gone down so well. It means more than you’ll ever know.

And, yes, obviously, I’m going to drop you a link to the final ballot - RIGHT HERE - with a request that if you’re an industry pro, or know of any who haven’t yet registered their ballot, do please make sure opinions are appropriately and earnestly directed. 

And thanks. Most of all, thanks.

It has been observed – chiefly by my wife – that the Booker List was notable this year for not having me on it.

I write books in which otherwise-sensible people do things like save the world from ontological armageddon, or put on surplus combat gear in the name of fatherhood and try to make a difference to a tiny community under the shitheel of the geopolitical boot, so I have to acknowledge (when I am not moodily stalking the dim and dusty corridors of Harkaway Towers dressed in my underwear and the top half of a Godzilla suit, stamping on origami models of the judges made from pages of Anna Karenina) that I may not be dead in the centre of the Booker’s institutional target area.

However, dear reader: here is your opportunity to redress this wrong…

” —


And what better way to celebrate, if you’ve already read the book or if you’re reading and loving it now, than to vote for Tigerman at Not The Booker 2014!

More here.

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Reading Tigerman right now, actually. A wonderful love-letter to doomed Edens all over the world. It is entirely as splendid as you’d expect, and not just because it namechecks a bunch of your favourite comics writers. Also me.

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Marrow, baby.


Marrow, baby.



Our first bit of Press! Thanks to CrossFields blog for the writeup

I am so excited about this!



Our first bit of Press! Thanks to CrossFields blog for the writeup

I am so excited about this!

Jul 15

d-j-taylor said: So I just bought and read in one sitting the 4th trade for X-Men: Legacy. I haven't had a mainstream comic tug on my heart strings as well as this series did in a long time. Just wanted you to know that you're amazing and this story you told was amazing. Any hope of you writing an ongoing for Blindfold now?

Thank you! Means a great deal.

No plans for Blindfold, no. Maybe some day, but… well. It’s that fundamental thing about stories, you know? The story I wanted to tell ended, and for those reasons it’s immortal, immutable, resonant. If by chance I felt the need to tell a second story, which happened to include some of the same characters, then: fine. But there’d be no point finding a contrivance just to allow me to keep revisiting characters whose role in a tale has ended. I’d rather let them enjoy their endings for a change. 

uncleclustersthirdbrain said:

"Out of curiosity, was Fantomex kissing Nemesis commentary on his sexual preference or an outburst of happiness due to the fact that his expertise was recognized?"

The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, of course. Though in this case: more the latter than the former.

I’m not about to make any grand proclamations about characters’ sexuality on tumblr, but - hell - we all know Fanto. I don’t imagine “nature of junk” is the first criteria that goes through his mind when making sexytime decisions. That’s not an official position, and if I were intending to make something of it I certainly wouldn’t be saying so here, but still. 

drhenrymccoymd said: Is X-Force the other X-book X-Factor is crossing over with later this year? Cuz i would cum buckets if you and David teamed up!!!!


Wait, so… You’d actually come buckets? Like, actual plastic pails would, what, spurt forth from your grossly distended, probably somewhat torn, definitely traumatised glans like a 17-pound cannon on the deck of a warship blasting out cylindrical rounds, probably while shrieking in horror for a doctor? Because that sounds, y’know, terrible. Why would you WANT that? You’re weird.

mattfrack said: Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your run on X-force. Issue six was really amazing and a great pay-off. In particular, I'm really enjoying how distinct each character's voice is, and the way you're writing a really interesting plot that's very character driven. I'm also very happy about the focus given to the father-daughter relationship between Cable and Hope, one of my favourite comic relationships of all time. Thank you, I look forward to reading what happens next.

Aaaand thank you! Lots of juicy stuff on the way, and Pete Wisdom doing British swears. 

bisexualwolverine said: I really enjoy your writing, especially Wish You Were Here. I was very excited when I heard you were writing X-Force since it includes some of my favorite Marvel characters. Thank you for writing this series and #6 was a gift. Fantomex and Nemesis? Never thought of it before, but that was very cute.

Well thank you! And - with apologies for What You’re About To Receive - remember that the Wish You Were Here webcomic begins its final four episodes this Thursday. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, etc.